The scientific production of the department is rich, various and purposeful by its content. 

The members of the department conduct scientific production in various scientific areas:

Prof. Iliana Velcheva, PhD – Ecology, Ecological toxicology, Ecological monitoring;       

Assoc. Prof. Dilian Georgiev, DSc Animal ecology, Teriology, Malacology;

Assoc. Prof. Angel Tsekov, PhD  Aquaculture, Marine ecology, Ichtyology;       

Assoc. Prof. Gana Gecheva, PhDEcological monitoring, Ecological toxicology, Phytocenology;

Chief Assist. Prof. Atanas Irikov, PhD Conservation ecology, Urban ecology, Malacology;

Chief Assist. Prof. Ivelin Mollov, PhD – Urban ecology, Animal ecology, Herpetology;     

Chief Assist. Prof. Slaveya Petrova, PhD – Ecological monitoring, Phytoecology, Atmospheric pollution, Paleoecology;

Chief Assist. Prof. Vesela Yancheva, PhD – Ecological toxicology, Ecological monitoring.


Members of the department take part as supervisors and participants in various scientific projects, financed by PHARЕ, EU, National Fund for Scientific Research, Fund for Scientific Research at the University of Plovdiv. The staff of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Conservation has contacts and collaborations with NGOs, universities, research institutes in the country and abroad:

  • NGO "Green Balkans";
  • NGO "Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds" (BSPB);
  • NGO "Bulgarian Nature Fund";
  • NGO "Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation";
  • Association of the Sturgeon Manufacturers "Eco - Esetra BG";
  • International Association for Protection of Sturgeon Fishes;
  • Institute on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research (BAS);
  • National Museum of Natural History - Sofia;
  • Museum of Natural History - Plovdiv;
  • Institute of Fish Resources - Varna;
  • Institute of Fisheries and Aquacultures - Plovdiv;
  • Agricultural University - Plovdiv;
  • Alterra–Wegeningen University and Research Center - Wageningen, Netherlands;
  • Danube Delta National Institute – Tulcea, Romania;
  • South Branch Federal Centre of Selection and Genetics for Aquaculture, Krasnodar (Russia).