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Educational-qualification degree "master of science" 
in "Ecology and Ecosystems Conservation"
(in English)
The graduate master program "Ecology and ecosystems conservation" (in English) aims at two target groups: to EU citizens, who speak English, and persons from non-EU countries, who speak English language. Due to this, the program is entirely in English - including all academic courses and composition of a Master Thesis. Proficiency knowledge of English for these professionals is a necessary requirement for successful stepping onto the international labor market of specialists, graduated in "Ecology and ecosystems conservation"
Improving the qualifications of the graduates is guaranteed by the objectives of the program - training of graduates in the field of ecology and conservation of ecosystems, who will meet the modern market's demands of work in this direction. The courses included in the program are taught by specialists in ecology and conservation of natural ecosystems from the Faculty of Biology of Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski", Agricultural University - Plovdiv, BAS institutes, as well as MEW, environmental consultant companies and NGOs, which ensures the adequacy of the teaching process.
Subjects covered in the master program are selected according to the modern European standards in the field of ecology and conservation of natural ecosystems. They are logically arranged to build-up the students' knowledge, both theoretically and supported by many fields and practical work. The masters' degree in "Ecology and ecosystems conservation" will give the students, the necessary competencies related to the knowledge of structure and functioning of the natural ecosystems; the mechanisms of assessment of the influence of the anthropogenic factors; the specific legal requirements, for management and protection of natural ecosystems; how to successfully use and adequate protection against anthropogenic pressure on nature by using mechanisms regulated by laws and institutions specialized in this field.
Based on these facts, through quality training, carried out by highly qualified specialists and teachers to ensure successful implementation of the labor market for graduates of this master's program in line with the mission and goals of Plovdiv University to educate and create competitive specialists at European level.
Requirements: the applicants must have and educational qualification degree "Bachelor of Science" (BSc) or "Master of Science" (MSc) in the following professional fields: Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Agroecology, Biology, Biology and Chemistry, Education in Biology, Biotechnology, etc. English language proficiency is required. The applicants submit application form and diplomas of Bachelor's or Master's degree and diploma (certificate) for English language proficiency (if available). A commission ranks the candidates in success.
Ecology and ecosystem conservation (in English) - Syllabus [PDF]; [Elective subjects - list]


PhD degree in "Ecology and Conservation of the Ecosystems"

The education of PhD students of the doctoral program "Ecology and Conservation of the Ecosystems" is conducted in correspondence with the requirements of the Law for the education, the Order for the government requirements for the training of PhD students (Darjaven Vestnik 90/03.11.2000), the crieria of the Faculty of Biology and the regulations of the University of Plovdiv and the Faculty of Biology. The allocation of the PhD degree is for students from EQD "master of science" from professional trend 4.3. Biological sciences. The qualification characteristics reflect the knowledge and the skills, which will obtain the future PhD, the fields for applying this knowledge, the methods for preparation and the field of professional realization.